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Olay for Men

The new age men are becoming more and more conscious regarding their looks. Good looks enhance the overall professional growth as well as performance of men. These days, men are paying attention to personal grooming and experimenting with new skin care products. Olay, a famed name in skin care products for women, has launched a new range of skin care products for men. There is a great deal difference in the texture of skin in cases of men and women. Men have thick and oilier skin due to excessive sebum production. Therefore, they require specified products which suit their skin perfectly. Olay for men has designed a specific range of skin care products that address the main male skin issues- roughness, oiliness and uneven tone of skin.

What is Olay Men Solutions?

Olay Men Solutions is a skin care range that has been formed after wide research on men’s skin related concerns and their solutions. It contains all the necessary skin care products that help to cleanse the skin and make it refreshed and revitalised.

What does Olay for Men includes?

Olay Men Solutions contains a wide range of skin care products such as:
•    Oil control cleanser
•    Balancing gel moisturiser
•    Cream foaming cleanser
•    Multi-solution revitalising cream
•    Multi-solution eye gel
•    Multi-solution refreshing hydrating toner

What are the main ingredients used in Olay Men Solutions collection of skin care products?

The unique formulations of the Olay products contain vitamin Pro B5, vitamin B3, Niacinamide, vitamin C and other mineral essences such as green tea, witch hazel, ginseng and cucumber. All these products have individual benefits in skin care.

What are the skin benefits offered by Olay range of products for men?
Olay Men Solutions consist of all the essential vitamins that help in addressing the skin related issues in men.
•    The Oil Control Cleanser removes the excessive oil and balances sebum production, keeping your skin oil free. It contains mineral essences and cucumber extracts, which help in keeping the skin clean and refreshing.
•    The Smooth Foaming Cleanser cleanses the deep pores and removes dirt and oil clogging the skin pores. It keeps the skin evenly toned.
•    The Balancing Gel Moisturiser provides sufficient moisture to men’s skin keeping it well hydrated. The Gel is non-sticky and gets easily assimilated in the skin giving you radiant and glowing skin.
•    Multi-solution Refreshing Hydrating Toner help in removing the dirt and boosting moisturisation of skin.
•    Multi-solution Revitalising cream is a non-sticky cream that helps to keep the skin smooth and soft.
•    Olay Eye Gel is specifically designed to take care of skin related concerns such as fine lines, crows feet and dark patches around the eyes.

Olay for Men has introduced full range of skin care products under the name Olay Men Solutions. These products are effective in improving the roughness and elasticity of men’s skin. The effect of the strong moisturiser last for six hours giving you sufficiently hydrated skin for a longer time. Olay Men Solutions is a one stop solution for all his skin concerns, so that he is always ready and looking his best.